Tuesday, March 4, 2008

CrashPlan Release 3.4.08

This small release addresses issues discovered in the 2.29.08 release.

All OS versions:
  • Fixed possible scenario where already backed up data could be retransmitted again.  This would only happen for really old large files.  This did not put your backup at risk, but it would have used extra bandwidth and disk space at destination.

Macintosh OS X Changes
  • Handy dandy shortcuts to finder fixed

Windows Changes
  • Installer now offers option to upgrade existing installation
  • Backup archives will be removed in all cases during uninstall if user requests it
  • Windows upgrade was failing to stop service in rare circumstances, this has been fixed.

Linux Beta Changes
  • No longer in beta
  • Installer fixes:
  • Permissions set correctly for logs on install
  • Desktop now launches in background
  • Startup stdout & stderr redirected to log files
  • Extraction now as current user, not original
  • Installations can now upgrade themselves