Monday, January 14, 2008

CrashPlan Release 1.14.08

New Features!
  • You can now move backup archives for your computers (or friends) from one drive to another without starting backup over
  • You can now restore directly to disk for computers you own. Friends are still in progress and require restoration over LAN or Internet.
  • You can now move your own computers' backup data to a different location without starting over
  • CrashPlan PRO licenses now use 448 bit Blowfish encryption, CrashPlan continues to use 128bit Blowfish.
  • File scan speed has been improved
Backup Changes
  • CrashPlan PRO - more intuitively adheres to the "backup changed files after X minutes" setting. After X minutes, all files that have been changed will be backed up in background while you work
  • Improved memory management to reduce CPU load and improve performance
  • Improved performance for small files & directories
  • Better handling of external USB drives and network shares. We detect them faster, scan faster, and automatically pause/resume a backup or restore job
  • Fixed bug where new versions could be created when file really had not changed
  • USB drives are allowed to sleep quietly if they have nothing to do
  • Fixed bug where symlinks could be backed up more than once
  • Fixed bug with number of files remaining counts when pausing/resuming backup
  • File scan checks may now be scheduled less frequently than daily
  • File verification performance improvements
Restore Changes
  • Progress bar was not always showing completed even though restoration was complete
Networking Changes
  • If you're not receiving backup from another computer, you can disable listening for incoming backup in the settings/network area
CrashPlan Desktop Changes
  • Swedish translation (contact us if you'd like to provide a translation!)
  • Language files have been consolidated to one file
  • Now displays backup progress while scanning
  • Destination panel - shows GUID for all computers
  • History now supports international characters
  • Other internationalization fixes includes hours, minutes, seconds, invite a friend
  • Single click on our logo opens up our website home page
  • Misc UI tweaks for Linux and Windows
  • Fixed pause/resume button
  • Fixed backup destination links
  • Fixed the duration to complete backup
  • Fixed situation where a backup destinations controls became invisible
  • Fixed a problem where the backup file selection tree would get stuck loading lots of files
Linux Beta Changes
  • New installer - give us your feedback please
  • Fixed computer identity location
  • Fixed a problem where symlinks were being followed outside of backup set
  • UI display was incorrect when the real-time watcher is not able to run
Macintosh Changes
  • Exclude ".fseventsd"
  • Spotlight availability check was incorrectly returning false
  • Fixed situation where CrashPlan could write to /Volumes/ on start
Windows Changes
  • Tray was not pausing for the correct amount of time
  • Fixed repeated backup warning emails
  • Minor text tweaks throughout application

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