Thursday, June 12, 2008

CrashPlan Release 6.10.08

No major new features in this release. Just a few minor bug fixes and tweaks before we release a new version of PRO Server, our continuous backup for business solution. Below is a list of bug fixes and minor changes for those who like to know everything. We've organized it by component and feature. No detail is too small for our release list!

CrashPlan Central Changes
• Account - Resetting password could fail to reset, fixed
• Computer:Rename - Fixed bug where renaming your computer online could make it "stick" in the desktop so you later could not change it easily

CrashPlan Backup Engine
• Archive Validation - This could be falsely triggered resulting in confusion and slower backup. Fixed
• Archive Validation - Added several new safety checks to be 100% sure a backup archive is in good working order
• Archive Migration - Old archives that have not yet been converted will be when you bring them back online
• Archive Migration - New series of checks to verify environment you're moving archive to. Correct permissions? Etc
• Data De-duplication - Found situation where small duplicate blocks could be stored more than once. Didn't lose any significant space due to this, but we like things to be perfect. Made perfect

CrashPlan Desktop
• Backup File Selection - Click folder in list now shows file in finder
• Backup Destination Status - If the destination's USB drive was detached, but you were 100% backed up, you wouldn't know the destination was in fact, not ready. This has been fixed. Error messages have priority over backup complete messages in display
• Backup Archive Location - Fixed bug that could prevent you from relocating a backup archive
• Settings:Security - When activating private data password, we remind you one more time about dangers of losing the password
• Restore - Settings no longer revert to default if you are switching panes
• Restore:Original Location - User Interface could look very broken when restoring to original location - fixed
• Account - Resetting password could fail to reset, fixed
• Backup File Scanner - It was possible to change file selection and avoid a rescan. Not critical, but annoying as heck. This has been fixed
• Friend's Destination - Nice shortcut link now visible for their name
• Friends:Alias - fixed rare situation where you couldn't call a friend's destination something of your own choosing
• Friends:Space Used - Selecting different friends could neglect updates to how much space they were using to screen - fixed
• Language - CrashPlan now speaks German!
• Settings:Advanced:Time - Small display issue where you can't change the time without touching the day - fixed! Thanks Mark A!

CrashPlan Licensing
• Backup Scanner - This could fail to start if you activated your license after your free trial had expired - fixed

CrashPlan Networking
• TCP NAT Traversal - Enhancements made to better connect

• Installer - End user license agreement in english unless translation is available
• pagefile.sys is now explicitly prevented from being backed up

• Upgrades - upgrade script enhanced to better support user based installs
• /mnt is no longer excluded from selection list

Mac OS X
• CrashPlan Desktop - File Selection - Click folder in list now shows file in finder
• Installer:File Locations - logs now go in logs, cache files in caches, etc

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